5 Brookdene, Killiney (-320k, -54%)

Was 590k, 550k

Then 495k

Now 345k (typo? did they mean 445k?)

No typo - it’s on myhome.ie for 345k too (one and only search result for “brookdene”).

No typo, makes sense cos theyve added this. PRICE REDUCED TO SELL. EXCELLENT VALUE FOR KILLINEY. Its just an ok house though. Killiney is a nice area alright but it doesnt have a proper village and its far from the city centre. Is it really worth buying an average house there?

I don’t know the area well. Would that house really be considered Killiney? It mentions proximity to Shankill which I believe is a dodgy-ish area?

Its not in Killiney. Brookdene is about a mile south of where the map indicates. It is in Shankill/Rathsallagh.

Here’s the real location:

maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= … 15&iwloc=A

Good spot. I just looked on daft and 20 Brookdene has a room for rent. The first map is Brookdene according to the rental ad, the second according to the sale ad for no 5. The station in both pictures is Killiney, so you can see how far apart each ad claims the street is. Google confirms the rental map as correct and An Post states Brookdene is Shankill.

https://www.grabup.com/uploads/485f7d992eac8b26beb283c8134b2e61.png https://www.grabup.com/uploads/bc49c0842fb76825eb56a945e3aeca61.png

In fairness, I know this area and I think it is just about Killiney… but on the boarder with Shankill (the less desirable part at that).

At 345 this definitely represents better value than this one at 340 myhome.ie/residential/search … KPOO381841
which is definitely Loughlinstown / Ballybrack and not the nicest area…

Brookdene is right beside Bayview which has a load of houses for sale ranging in price from the low 400s to the mid 500s (that being the 2006 price), so this seller is trying to undercut those, imo

95 Sq. Metres (1,022 Sq. Feet) @ €345k

€337 per sq ft

3 bed Semi, needs updating, and quite small for a 3 bed, garden is an ok size. No BER

Re being better value than the other house for 340, it most certainly is not if the total floor area is to be believed


I assume it is 935 sq ft, which would make it €364 per sq ft. It has however been refurbished pretty recently and nicely, and for the vegetation phobic the garden is pretty good. Really both of these should be sub €300k now though.

now €270k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1576825

There’s a settled traveller site just outside the estate as well.

I wonder if there’s a maintenance charge?

From what I can recall of the last few times I passed here, I think that settled traveller has been closed or abandoned, and that at least one of the buildings facing directly onto the road is boarded up and possibly burned out (not that settled then, I suppose). Surely that adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the area.

It may be Killiney, but not as we know it.