5 Coundon Court, Killiney Avenue (-1.727m, -73.4%)


27th May 2008

* Price changed: from '€1,900,000' to 'Region €2,000,000'

26 October 2007

* Price changed: from '€2,000,000' to '€1,900,000'

29 June 2007

* Price changed: from '€2,350,000' to '€2,000,000'

21 April 2007

* Initial entry found.

Now down to €1.8m -23.4%.


Interesting the number of properties in the mid to upper end of the market that have dropped exactly 20-25% since late 07/early 08. Either they went on the market at 2006 prices, or the market has fallen far more in these areas than has generally been reported.

Very little moving Jost, in the areas I check on a regular basis, I’m seeing the same old faces …

This place is still listed at €2m on Myhome.

Things seem to be especially slow in Killiney. I saw the same thing elsewhere in SD on practically anything asking near or above €1m until mid May, at which point everything came to a stand-still. Perhaps a seasonal effect, although it may have had more to do with the public at large finally realising that they face a recession.

From someone browsing in this area, I can tell you for me it is that they won’t drop the price to something realistic.

Now €1.6m (-€750k, -31.9%)

myhome.ie/residential/search … CYCC371376

Now 1.35 million


Now 1.245 million

224 Sq. Metres (2,410 Sq. Feet) @ €1.245m

€517 per sq ft

5 bed Detached, 1980’s build maybe? No BER, looks like it has a had some modernising work done fairly recently, ie recessed lighting, new floors etc

But what about the garden?? If the gardens are so large, lovely and private, why no photos?? The wee glimpses through the doors tantalisingly left open make the garden appear to be lovely. Could there be a blot on the landscape?

Garden can be seen on EA website and look decent

foxrockproperty.com/index.ph … 7&Itemid=#

Or if you would like the brochure

foxrockproperty.com/componen … php?id=257

Overall looks very nice.

Yeah garden looks pretty good really, only “blot” for some would be the telegraph pole and wires, but it is at least a nice old wooden telegraph pole.
Thanks for the links Tag :smiley:

Now down to €925k


Total drop €1,425k

That’s an impressive 60% drop!

This appeared to be heading towards value until the neighbours in number 13 decided to put their bigger (3200 sq ft) on the market at 745k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/349967

233 per sq foot vs 385 per sq foot!

The neighbours must be

Had to pinch myself when I saw number 13.

Lovely gaff 300 m2 in Killiney asking 745K.

jesus wept to be a cash buyer right now.

Number 13 has gone sale agreed very quickly.

Guess what the knock on effect is now that number 5 has seen the price to pitch their property at to potentially get it sold…

Nothing- no change in the price of number 5 :angry:

No 5 now 850k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/112031

Number 5 now down to 775k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/112031

I see this is also with another EA at 720k