5 Courtney House, Appian Way, Ranelagh (-200k, -40%)

Was 495k, 395k

Now 295k

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 69.5 Sq. Metres (748 Sq. Feet), €394/sq foot

For comparison, No. 21, a one bed apartment (45 sq m, 484 sq ft), was asking 410k back in 2008 (€847/sq foot)


I rented one of these - in the neighbouring block, and while the management fee is very high, you do have unlimited hot water and the heating on all the time in the winter.

Admittedly, I was able to see my own breath indoors in the big freeze of winter 2009. They are shockingly insulated, and I think there’ll have to be a lot of money put into maintaining the blocks in the future.

Are they the dullest set of photos ever ?

No. 28 is €185k
53.23 Sq. Metres
2 bedrooms

myhome.ie/rentals/brochure/5 … -6/2490470

Is this the 1 bedroomed apartment that sold for €140k. Now for rent as a two bed after a refurb? Rent €2k per month.