5% cut in social welfare on the way ?


As has been suggested, I think they will apply the new Universal Levy to all income including benefits.
They will be able to hide behind a new tax on everybody and no headline cuts as such.

I predict that if they take as much as 5 euro from Old Age Pensioners there will be unprecedented violence in this country.

I think the general feeling is at this stage is that OAPs are a cosseted lot and the rest of the population in particular the young are subsidising their higher standard of living.

Depends on how they spin it - cut pensions - very difficult

However with a universal levy there is no cut - just everybody being asked to pay their share and the more you have the more you pay

Why call it a levy? Its just another tax.

I’m not sure if that’s a serious question, but its purely optics.
no one likes taxes and a levy sounds like a charge that might go away.

“”'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.“”

nothing about levies in the big book of quotes :wink:

I’ve often wondered about that.
If you ‘fail’ to pay your levy, will you get done for tax evasion ?

Its just that by us calling it a levy, we are in some small way accepting the Governments spin.

By applying a cut across the board you’re forcing a cut that’s far too harsh on some and far too lenient on others. Harsh/lenient are not necessarily correlated with gross income in the current economy.

This has been talked about for weeks. It’s not new.

I know people working in DoF and Revenue and I’m afraid this is true. The geniuses are concerned that the word “tax” has many negative connotations, especially when it is used in reference to income. So they’re using the word “levy” instead and all the pen pushers and phone answerers are expected to tow the line.

They should get the guys at Ryanair to run to rule over this stuff.

We could have a levy here, a charge there. A duty on this, a tariff on that. People will be too confused to be angry.

Oh, and you should be able to pay a little extra tax so you get a priority ticket to get shafted quicker 8-

Yes, I get the feeling people would be a lot less tolerant now compared to the medical debacle. Isn’t it ironic that many people have benefitted from increasing pensions even though their outgoings would have decreased dramatically as dependants became self-sufficient and mortgages were paid off…

Probably ironic to the clever young things that are up to their bollix in debt, have mortgages that may never be paid off and never planned for anything except being on the hogs back due to their abilitily to see never ending property growth for ever and ever and ever amen (oh yeah that was their pension wasnt it?)

Leave the eldery alone. They cant turn around at 65 + and start again. The reasons they have their mortgages paid off (regardless of prices) is because “in the day” you bought a house as a home, had to have a real deposit, grafted as in worked to pay it off and not have ideas above your station of being a savvy.

Maybe this will bring people out on to the streets because f**k all else has. Were they not the last group to come out on to the streets. Put the current generation to shame then.

vig - cuts have to come from somewhere - nobody in society can be insulated from cuts

I agree with your sentiments though but we don’t have that luxury anymore

the real kick in the ass for pensioners is going to be when they get sick and need hospital care given the last two or three years of your life is when you need more medical care than the rest of your life in total. For anybody with elderly parents that is a sobering thought.