5 Dodder Walk, Dartry (-350k, -32%)

Was 1.1 million


Now 995,000


Now 750k

That’s a big drop!

Less than 2 months since the last drop - I wonder how much they would take given how desperate they appear??

“overlooking the Dodder” is ringing alarm bells with me, I think you might need your Ark!
Is having MUST SELL on an ad a good idea? :neutral_face:

In fairness it is there for the last 250 years so unlikely to be washed away any time soon!

Nice gaff

suitable for any couple earning about 100k between them

fair price 330-420K?

Bargain according to the Sunday Tribune.

Now also being advertised to rent for €2,100 Monthly, which might suggest a value c. €400k.

It’s a nice location by the Dodder.

FloodMaps.ie is great for checking this sort of thing.

If you vist the above link and accept the terms, you can view a report which includes this gem:

  • though reading the context I think this is highly inaccurate exaggeration which unfairly represents the situation! The specific facts are far less worrying:




A low ball offer with a time limit, and if someone else doesn’t come in the they are going to accept it??

“This property has been let”.

still for sale at 750k:
myhome.ie/residential/search … OQNN356418
propertynews.com/brochure.ph … =PNC372655

Yes, but if they’ve accepted an offer to let that could explain the “deadline” on sale.

It could still be for sale if this is anything to go by:


The question is for how much. At the very least this was a 32% drop since it came on the market in May.

Maybe someone read this:
tribune.ie/article/2008/oct/ … in-hunter/

Bargain Hunter

Yes, particularly as I linked to it earlier in the thread :wink:

25% below asking is the norm. Sold for 563,000.

Just to be clear, that’s a guess rather than inside knowledge?

Purely speculative and ill judged. Thank you for all your interest to date. It’s been fun ! Now… off to open the champagne.

“Desperate” ( hardly) 8DD