5 Frascati Park, Blackrock (-154k, -18.1%)

Was €849k when first posted on or around Feb 10 2011; dropped to €725k just 10 days later:

(Does anyone know of any other house in south Dublin - or anywhere else for that matter - that has dropped so fast; 15% in a mere 10 days? One can only assume that the agent, who is from Lucan so perhaps lacks sufficient knowledge of the local market, got a wake-up call and realised that the original asking price was completely unrealistic. Feel free to reply with your own comments about the new asking price!)

Incidentally, the current asking price is not all that far below the €825k asking price of 6 years ago (May 2005):

Please post a link for each price claimed, e.g. for 849k

Or the EA wanted to be able to claim a price reduction, so put it at a higher price for a couple of weeks, then dropped the price. Or am I just being cynical?

The asking prices are still ridiculous for properties around South Dublin. Estate Agents are hanging on for dear life to the myth that an ordinary house is worth 8 times an ordinary wage and anything decent is worth half a million plus.

Just wait until the repossessions kick in.

The last stage of the property boom is on life support - but it’s still hanging on.

Just about!

Further reduced today to €695k.

And the EA adds:

That house looks really pokey to me for 700k. Would they not have knocked the kitchen and dining into one and at least made it livable? What sort of a person would fit into the chairs at the dining table squashed into the wall?

This can only have been a BTL surely?(with midget tenants :smiley: )

I found this in Factiva on the Sunday Tribune 12 February 2006

16 Frascati Park offers a rare opportunity…@795 renovated.


How, just how, does any property in Dublin now offer a rare opportunity (other than for negative equity)?

Down a further 60k since end of March to €635k:

Looked at number 16. From the outside, during the boom years, these had always been fantasy houses to us. Very disappointed. Rooms small and north facing gardens that side of street. Think it will be a hard sell.

Down a further €40k from €635k to €595k:


The “Kitchen/Living” room is a joke. It’s small and oddly shaped.

600K to live in a terraced house? You must be joking…

Did a drive-by of this place, it’s not actually on Frascati Park (the road that is), it’s at the bottom of Georges Avenue (just over the road to the entrance to Eagle Hill) so the garden backs onto the Car Park of the Frascati Shopping Centre, so the orientation is north west for the garden - I’d say this place was always in the shade - busy enough road and the bustle from the Shopping Centre - not really an ideal location.

Actually, I think the left side of what looks like Georges Ave, from the corner of Frascati park proper, heading down towards the Rock Road is actually known as Frascati Park too. It’s a bit of an anomaly. The other side of the road is Georges Ave.

Also, the garden should get a nice bit of afternoon/evening sun at that aspect. Although it does indeed back onto the Frascati Centre car park/loading area.

Having looked at an identical property a few doors down some time back, my fear would be the bedrooms are all small. The house we saw had been done up and had reasonable size rooms until we realised that there were no wardrobes in any of them. The fact there’s no pics of the upstairs is telling. :neutral_face:

This is let now…anyone opinions on 16 frascati park on at 695k now after dropping from 795k?

Another vendor who can’t face reality, another unwise decision. How on earth can the rent on this place possibly cover the continued loss in value that’s likely over the next few years? IMO they’d have been better off cutting the ask and taking whatever they could get.

Number 16 may be a different situation; it’s a better house in a better spot and doesn’t require modernisation. That’s not to say the current ask is correct; I think in the current market (i.e. this season) it could fetch in the ballpark of €550k. If they get no bites at the present asking price, refuse to drop, and wait until 2012, then €500k or below.

I’d be surprised if they got €2,000 a month - it’s very shabby inside. Then again - 4 students…

Also, number 5 is a different animal completely to number 16 up the road.
Number 16 is a lot bigger, has a lot more advantages (garage, two driveways, bigger garden, quieter road…) and looks in walk in condition.

I’d be willing to wait a long time if someone told me it would eventually drop to my budget!

If you’re budget is within 70% of the current ask on no.16 you should make them an offer!

In this market it is all about the offers…

When I joined the pin in Q4 2010 a lot of posters were reporting that EAs (and by implication vendors) were stone deaf to offers. That dynamic has changed for the better with many (but not all) EAs/vendors, and we may be finally beginning to see glimpses of what might be called buyer power.


Renovated 4 Frascati Park now on at €550k. Not sure you can do much better in the area at the minute.