5 Greenmount Road, Terenure (-250k, -14%)

Was 1.8 million

google.ie/url?sa=t&source=we … TN9OmKFlmg

Now 1.55 million


now asking 895K


What do people recon this is worth? If I had the 800 I’d buy this, but that’s a bit of a stretch for us unfortunately

Doesn’t look like there is any off street parking?

Oh really? That’s not good

I can never figure the obsession, on here, with offstreet parking. I lived in a inner city victorian area with no off street parking, and never had a problem, once the residental parking disks where brought in.

Oh and by the way, if it is 895k now, and was 1800k before, thats more than 14%.

There are all sorts of practical reasons.

*Family members on crutches or walkers who have to walk long distances.
*Bags of coal.
*Somewhere to wash the car, in reach of a hose.
*Cars damaged by neighbours who can’t park.
*Bringing home furniture, boxes, etc.
*Getting home in the lashing rain to discover that all the nearby spots have been taken.
*Babies in car seats.
*Cars being vandalised on street.

But quite apart from all these reasons - is it really so outrageous that someone who is paying the guts of one million euro for a home in a not particularly central Dublin suburb should be able to expect parking to be included?

It is not indeed

By definition a house like this can’t have off-street parking. If you couldn’t live with that, cool, but it’s hardly a fault or inherent shortcoming of the house itself. It’s like wishing a frog had wings.

The house passes a test I have: would a consultant or senior solicitor be happy to have the partners round for Xmas drinks in this place? Here I think there’d be no shame. Not 100% trophy, but off Terenure Road East, plenty of redbrick all around, nice garden, interesting semi-suburban location, 5-bed. Pretty decent package and there shouldn’t be many houses south and west of this (going down into Templeogue, Terenure, Rathfarnham, Dundrum, Churchtown) that should be more expensive IMO.

House has for sale sign outside in Streetview. Erm, yah.

now 795


However if you are buying the frog, and lots of the other frogs have wings, be sure to get a few quid off.

This is an impressive house, and I think it is value at that 795 price. just under €300/ft2.
I might go a bit lower because of its lack of wings, but not bad.

rented at an asking 0f 3200/month.
rent.ie/houses-to-let/Greenm … 6/1156012/

I like the mirror in the drawing room.
There must be a lot of wealth in Ireland still if these rent for 3,200 per month.
If you say they have a 10k net take home pay per month.
For a married couple each spouse would need to make 100k per annum.

And now sale ageed. Only took 3 years.
What posesses someone to keep a house for sale for 3 years?
If you want to sell it just keep dropping the fucking price until you get a bite.


755K as per reg