5 Hampton Court, Clontarf (-155k, -23.8%)

Was €650,000

Now €625,000

Now asking €570,000

Still way overpriced at 570k.
Unattractive house with small overlooked back garden.
Need to drop to 400k in my opinion. Even at that, it wouldn’t be value.
Clontarf prices in general are ridiculous.

Nice kitchen, but everything else about it screams 80s-built, bog-standard semi-D.

Bog-standard 70s built. I used to walk to St Annes Park through this estate in the late 70s.
It was well established at that stage, so could even be late 60s. Even as a kid it struck me as a soulless estate.

Hampton Court, for fuck’s sake.

Do you get to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers pissed and rogering some bucksome wench in your backgarden?

Back up to 620k daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=571536

date event
05 May 2011

Price changed: from '€570,000' to '€620,000'

07 April 2011

Price changed: from '€625,000' to '€570,000'

17 January 2011

Initial entry found.

Hmmm, I wonder did someone hear S&P called the bottom, or are they reading the Pin?


decent drop to 535k should shake the bushes
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-3/427755

Yes Sir… owners knocked 85k off just last week.

Sounds so much better than saying he knocked 35K off last months price.

maybe the estate agent is a former employee of tescos?

keeps on droppin, 495 will get them a couple of offers near asking
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-3/427755


New listing, still 495k
The photos are poor, make it look quite small, but it is 148 Sq. Metres (1,593 Sq. Feet)

Not the best quality photos

Sold for €470,000.00.

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