5 more Anglo directors jump ship

Story here: rte.ie/news/2009/0119/angloirish.html

5 more severage packages intact. Good job boys… now, about those loans ye have from us? Next century? No bother fellows, take your time…

Read on the print version of the indo that Micheal Jacob had been a director of the Anglo Board since 1988… it was noted that this was…

I wonder should anything come of this? Who is responsible for checking these things and what penalty is in place should the code be breached.

My guess is SFA.

Sweet Fanny Adams?

Far less poetic! But you got the Sweet bit right. :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to know what other boards these guys sit on.

Probably lots.

Here ya go… was almost too lazy to bother… mixture of chairs and directorships though

Noel Harwerth - Citibank International, Sumitomo Mitsubishi Banking Europe, Roayl & Sun Alliance, Corporate Services Group, LogicaCMG & Tote

Anne Heraty - Bord Na Mona, Forfas, Irish Stock Exchange, founder of CPL

Michael Jacob - Slaney Foods, Lett Group, SIAC Construction, Reox Holdings (part of Dairygod Co-Op), & Dolmen Securities

Gary McGann - Smurfit Kappa (as was SFP), DAA

Ned Sullivan - Greencore, McInerney Holdings, Eircom

So if they were responsibile for the demise of Anglo and felt compelled to resgin, are the other companies they are directors of in “safe hands” !!!