5 per cent

If they wont lend the money at 5% tell them to f_ck off.

We can relaunch the Punt.

It will be as good as any of the fiat currencies.

Funny that, my daughter was asking me did i have any coins the other day with the harp on it.
She had a pocket full of change with no harps
I checked my pockets and I only had 1 coin with a harp on it.
Maybe they are secretly gather all the Irish Currency and we go back to the Punt.

The auld Punt might be aleaky vessel in choppy waters nowadays!
Mind you - the scowling fella - Don Scottus? - on the old old fiver might be very appropiate to the times!

Jettisoned, along with the church. It was Duns Scotus, a Franciscan … and he got replaced by Catherine McAuley, “the nun with the price on her head”…

It was n’t that Scottish dunce. Dun Scottus. It was Johannes Scotus Erigena, the geek with the greek…

I stand corrected. My Scotch egg should have been eggs Benedict.