5 Summerville Park, Rathmines (-260k, -28%)

Irish Times, April 24th, 2008:


Now €665,000:

Sq. Metres: 115 (Sq. Feet: 1237.85) @ €665k

€5,783 per sq m


€537 per sq ft

Nice gaff,pretty good interior. A bit of haggling and you might secure this for 590,000. Is that approaching value lads for a D6 redbrick? me thinks we are not that far off!

Have to say I tend to agree. The interior is surprisingly spacious and very, very pretty.

But there is a caveat: this is just off the Upper Rathmines Road and it is a very, very busy road. And the little road the house is on is very tight for even more than 1 car and it has a somewhat ugly apartment building beside it (if I am thinking of the right road). It also only has 3 beds - 4 would be a minimum to really lift it up to the next level.

But even allowing for all that, sub-€600k certainly is something of a market-setting price.

This end of Rathmines is a bit dodgy; if you look here you can see this road in the bottom right and the flat complex in the top left. In between is a lot of social housing. The type of money they’re asking should really be for a primo D.6 address.

maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&F … &encType=1

This area is certainly dodgy. I have a friend, renting in very close proximity, her car has been broken into twice and eggs thrown at the windows of the appartment, maybe she is just unlucky but I would be very nervous of this area.

Are you sure your friend wasn’t living in ballybough spudd? That’s the only place in Dublin that sort of thing has happened to me!
I lived in rathmines at three different stages, leinster road, upper mountpleasant and finally villiers road for a year - which is close to this place.
I love Rathmines, think it’s a great spot. That’s a fine house too. There’s decent schools around and a small playground just up the road from this house if you have kids. Never ever had any trouble, no matter what hour of the day or night.
There’s a few rough and scruffy edges to Rathmines, I’ll admit - but I wouldn’t call it dodgy.

Sale Agreed: