5, The Close, Grange Manor, Lucan,

Old price
450k … cd=4&gl=ie

New price

Its crazy but when i look at this property i am putting a value of circa 320K on it!

Am sorely tempted to offer to eat the estate agent’s sign, if he can sell it at that price :open_mouth:

Where are ya gettin 320 from?
This is a 4 bed in a lovely area… if i could get that kinda mortgage i’d be interested…

You should ring around the banks, they are offering deals with low/discounted introductory rates.

Yea… i would but my gf wants to move closer to where she’s from… women… so it’s more southside for me…i’m afraid…

Probably a long shot, but are you moving from Lucan?

Did we lose some posts ?

…found them in the current sentiment. :unamused: