50,000 new homes lying empty.

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fair enough,

you developers can hang on to those ridiculously overpriced gaffs in the sticks then.

good luck.

lets see 80% cuts you might sell some

Also in the Indo

If you cut the prices, the people will come!

Although you have to feel for those who bought for €350,000.

No shortage of greater fools I see. The world is full of bloody Lemmings searching for a cliff to jump off. :unamused:

Why? They didn’t do their homework plain and simple.
I did my homework and due to the Lemmings I’ve had to wait several years to buy a home.

ouchy mc ouch

although remember what me anderson says

sale agreed a sale does not make…

what happens if they go to the bank who pressured the developer to sell these only to find the bank are valuing them at 150 or won’t give out the mortgage because well… because they’ve no money to lend?..

ouchy ouchy ouchy…

3 Indo Journos cococted this article between them :frowning:

Frankly some of the numbers are so ludicrous that I suspect that this article was spun out by the CIF and was ‘Ghost Estated’ by Country Tom himself.

**We have ONE THIRD OF A MILLION EMPTIES , 333k and not 100k

Please learn to count, all three of ye :frowning:

I feel for those who sold at €350,000. They must be consumed by guilt.

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Good find from house buyer

2006 article in the indo suggesting 265000 empty houses

Thousands of potential homebuyers have also been refused access to credit, with many others deciding not to buy in the hope that prices will fall further. READ: Until they become AFFORDABLE.

The Irish Independent has found:

While estate agents say that the market favours buyers, the Construction Industry Federation has warned that further prices cuts were unlikely.

Prices have reduced by 30pc, and there isn’t much scope for more cuts. A lot depends on the return to normal financial arrangements,” a spokesman said. Is this guy serious? Normality for the past 7 years has been banks loaning up to 10 times salary for a home. That was not normal or sustainable.


“These estates were built by developers who clearly set out to make a profit and the position has changed. There should be no intervention in the housing market in what we would see as a normalisation process,” the party’s housing spokesman Ciaran Lynch said yesterday. Now if only someone would listen to him!

Meanwhile, new figures show thousands of people have shown interest in securing a Government-backed mortgage which allows people on salaries of at least €40,000 to borrow up to €285,000 – a maximum of 92pc of the value of the property – from local authorities. In one week, 4,500 people visited the Homechoice Loan website, with 583 registering an interest in availing of the scheme. Completely wrong 583 have shown interest by registering while 3,917 (thousands) have not and had to log on (myself included) to really see if this intervention by the government is as bad as it sounded - and it is…

  • Paul Melia, Stephen O’Farrell and Caitrina Cody

someone on here warned us not to visit that website in case the number of visitors to the website would be spun as positive news in the media.

pfffffff who cares

This home choice loan thing while appalling is not likely to have a massive take up.

Loss of jobs and job security and market confidence will do for it.

100% mortgages were an awful idea, but it still didn’t stop people climbing over each other to get them.

yes but I think we the sheeple are now alerted to the fact that house prices can go down as well as up.

534 people registered interest if they get a 30% take up which would be massive they will still have feck all people registered

His name wasn’t Brendan was it? Have to be honest I don’t run with that principle i.e. if you don’t look at it then it doesn’t exist. I am wholly against this scheme and logged onto this site to educate myself - on doing this I then lodged my complaint to the EU.

I came across a really obnoxious taxi driver on Friday (“coloureds” taking all our jobs) so I gave him the 300k figure between the eyes. His answer was “I thought it was only 30,000” and I pointed out that was only what Tom Parlon and his buddies need to offload. He was very quiet for the rest of the journey.

Of these 333k vacant homes, how many of these would be uninhabitable or deserted buildings? Take a stroll around the docks and among the fancy new buildings there are a lot of ruined buildings, walk up dominick street and look at all the boarded up council houses (which is odd considering the calls for more social housing), drive through the countryside and look at the old ruins of long abandoned farm buildings (and lets not forget that we have had massive rural depopulation in this country so I would imagine the number of vacant old rural buildings i.e. not the ghost estates, would be quite high) and all the random houses etc that are the subject of a family or legal dispute and end up sitting empty, and it seems that 333k could well be misleading in the sense that a lot of these properties would not be on the market.

I seem to remember that the Census takers, whence the figures come, were instructed to count ‘habitable’ properties only. Which of course makes sense.

I’m open to correction on this; any census takers in the house ?

333k are habitable

333k are empty ( some only most of the time as holiday homes but most all the time)

333k have functioning ESB connections .

333k is the number of empties in Ireland right now . Shame only 50k of them qualify for the sub prime subsidy from the government and that no market support measures will be made available to help shift the other 283k .

It’s The Empties Stoopid