50 Ballintyre Walk, Ballinteer, Dublin 16

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Price of house was €495 asking in Sept 2011 when placed on market. Now looking for €470k. Seems much more realistic value of house. The peak price paid for end of terrace 4 bed houses such as No.50 was €890k (July 2006) in the estate, which was same style 3 storey to left of main entrance to estate. No. 50 Ballintyre Walk is better location with mountain views. -47% fall from peak.

Same style and size house asking for €550k - 20 Ballintyre Heath

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tall and narrow, like College Green development in Terenure. Except much more realistically priced.
still not reduced enough to make me want to move that bit further out of the area i’m looking in (terenure/templeogue etc)

That’s been on the market a lot longer than Sept

It was on at 495k before the summer, then increased to 520k in May 11. Dropped back to 495k after the summer season

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It’s not even tracking the market down so I don’t think it will shift at this price.

It’s 470 now - myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/1402294
Much better value elsewhere!

Where is there better value close by Dundrum, luas and Marley park?
Looking in this area.

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Front garden and back garden with this one. Room to extend if anyone did want to.

172 less than Ballintyre.

Lovely neighbours

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They seemed to follow the streetview van around!!

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