50% fall in Atlumney(co Meath)

These were the the words of Mr Mcwilliams today on today fm. Fall was based on a 3 bed semi. Cant find any evidence on Daft or irish property watch to show any such decreases in Athlumney, or for that matter anywere else along the Dublin comuter belt. Im sure that these falls will come, but when?

think he said that is is being advertised later this week , wait till Weds!

Heard it as well and posted in the bubble radio thread. He said he was looking at an ad that was being published in the next couple of days in which houses at Athlumney, Navan, were being offered for sale at half their launch price is what I gathered. He mentioned about 3 bed semis having fallen from 300 to 150k in Navan,

Fire sales ??

I guess.

There is still some lingering sense that property always has a value. Think of the gold prospecting ghost towns. At some point they were vibrant. When the gold ran out, people could no longer make a living and left.

There’s one fundamental difference. There was never any gold in Navan.

Navan still has base metals as we know.

Where are the Navan boosters?!? Come on, we had the Bray boosters this morning! Surely, there’s someone out there with a good word to say for Navan… :angry:


Navan is a Palindrome!

Well that’ll boost employment there at least. How very Monty Pythonesque.


Maybe these ones? dropped 24.5% last week

Not sure. He did say 3 bed. Doesnt really matter because i aint gonna buy in navan. Just thought it was interesting to hear that there was 50%+ drops in an area i would consider pretty good in terms of amenities.

There are trolls in Navan?!? That isn’t a selling point… What about Tommy Tiernan…

Tommy is in Galway most of the time chasing the western zeitgeist for inspiration . He does fairly well out of it too.

No ‘famous Navan comedians’ actually live there…and feckin Hector is in Galway too :frowning: