51 Allen Park Road, Stillorgan (-220k, -29%)

Was 750k, 640k

Now 530k

now 43 Allen Park Rd at €410K myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/344645

Also 6 Allen Park Drive at €465K myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/295064

6 Allen Park Drive now 320k

Is it just me or does 6 Allen Park Drive look almost like value?

Hard to tell from the pics whether it’s in decent nick or not. Some nice rooms but a lot of blanks to be filled in.
Not sure how much sun that garden would get with all those trees, but interestingly has a back gate out to the main road it seems.

Allen Park Drive is probably the worst bit of this nice estate. There is a gap in the wall at the end of the road, for pedestrians to get through to the swimming pool, playing pitches and so forth. This is also the shortest route from a couple of surrounding estates to the “central” part of Stillorgan, such as the Stillorgan shopping centre. The result is that there is a fair amount of pedestrian traffic along Allen Park Drive. Mostly this is not a problem, but on Friday/Saturday night quite a lot of the local drunk teenagers walk along the road on their way to/from the Bondi Beach night club. So there can be some shouting and minor vandalism on these nights. It’s by no means bad, but it may not be what people are looking for when they buy in a leafy area of SCD.


Mind you, at 320k the asking price is not much more than what some people are looking for in Sallynoggin for smaller gaffs.

This is certainly heading towards value, provided there are no structural defects.

How in the name of god did they get permission for that attic extension on the front of the house?

Are you sure they did?


“It was acceptable in the 80’s… it was acceptable at the time”

Yeah, you’d need to find out how long it’s there and if there is automatic retention on it

Sale Agreed