51 Glencairn Drive, The Gallops, Leopardstown (-280k, -34%)


07 October 2008

* Price changed: from 'Region €824,950' to 'Region €749,950'

12 September 2008

* Initial entry found.

Now 649,950

Now 599,950

Now 595k

but was 650k recently … =firefox-a

Now listed at daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=469898

Basic 3 beds in Glencairn currently on offer below the €350k mark.

Now ask yourself how much extra you want to pay for an additional bedroom and garage.

Number 12: 3 bed 350k ~ 950 sq feet = €368/sq foot

Number 51: 4 bed (+attic room) 595k ~1550 sq feet = €383/sq foot

Not that much difference in price overall.

Personally I’d much rather go for the bigger one as the small ones don’t allow for much growing space if you have/planning a family.

I presume number 51 is open to offers and could be had for 550k or lower making it potentially better value.

I presume the address is actually Leopardstown
It could be Sandyford, but then I suppose that shouldn’t make much of a difference to the price, only the address.
I know its a bit confusing out there
A friend bought in Mimosa, The Gallops, Leopardstown but then discovered afterwards that the postal address was in fact Sandyford! All very odd indeed.

Are they including an attic conversion in that square footage ?

However they do list it as 4 bedrooms so do not include the attic when counting bedrooms.

Spotted this new 5 bed that works out at €330 per sq foot and looks much nicer decorated so there is better value in the Gallops area.

myhome.ie/residential/search … CCJR403603

Now 545k


Except its really a 5 bed town house / apartment, which is not in The Gallops and incurs annual fees. Horrible layout also with the kitchen and living areas on different floor…like the architect dropped the plans on his way to the builder…

social housing going into levmoss would make me run a mile from it

Luas will be very handy. Anyone got a map showing the planned stop?

Good info that, cheers.

Not worth 545K to live here

this is a price drop thread folks, not a discussion on the neighbourhood

try to confine further remarks to price changes or sales status of the property

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this line being crossed. Perhaps folk want it. Would MODS consider allowing this? I think its pertinent to the price drop but I do see how it could be hijacked. After all, how bad/good an area is isnt scientific.

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