51 Lambourne Wood, Cabinteely (-100k)

Was 1.095mln

irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Region=any

Now 995k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ely/193100

Nice looking house but 1mln to live in a housing estate that far out :angry: Them days are over

Why is the country still delusional?

Still 995k, a mere €381/sq foot so not the worst offender out there.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ely/193100

True. The price is camoflaged by the size of the house.
However, I still can’t see it getting €995,000 in this market.
Including stamp (€60,900), thats €1,055,900.

Is this a €1m+ house still ?

Wouldn’t really call this a “a housing estate that far out” as above poster has described it. It’s in a nicely secluded, cul de sac, bordered by Cabinteely Park (possibly the nicest park in Dublin?) It’s about ten minutes walk to the N11, a few minutes drive to the M50 and very close to the new Luas extension (there is a station planned and actually built for Brennanstown a few mintues away but it has been motballed) Carrickmines will be the nearest one (minute or two drive) opening in October.

Cabinteely village with three restuarants and the all important pub (!!) is a few mintues walk away, with schools, supermarket (Dunnes, Cornelscourt) all within walking distance.

Feckin’ huge house it is too but is it worth a cool million? Who knows - depends whose buying but there will always be people willing to pay a premium for a place like that - a couple of hospiltal consultants, perhaps!! I’d fancy it if the Lotto came through. (Not mad about the old fashioned decor but that could be easily rectified!)

Personally for €1m, I’d go for something closer to town.
From Cabinteely, once you hit Foxrock Church the morning traffic is a bitch.

But, if your workplace is the Blackrock Clinic or similar, you may have different priorities.

Agree with you there but if Mr Gormely & co get their way there’ll be no-one driving across the canals soon enough. Just look at the size of the kitchen/family room area in this place (see image 15 in the DAFT listing) You could have one hell of a party in that space. Would you get anything like that, plus garden etc. in say Donnybrook, or Ranelagh for anything near that price?

yeah you would, it’s a housing estate. 1mln plus for a house in a housing estate on the edge of the city is nuts.