51 Mount Prospect Grove Clontarf

Any thoughts on this? Went to view it yesterday and was very busy. Anyone else there? Does 395 seem like a realistic price…I thought the house would need a fair bit of work…

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/5-bed … &ST=1&pc=1

This seems to be over priced, number 6 Mount Prospect Drive in far better condition went for c. €330k, number 43 Mount Prospect Park in walk in condition attic converted went for c. €360k. This one needs heating, insulation, wiring, re-instating the bathroom and new kitchen for starters. Very small garden overshadowed by trees at the back and horrible looking apartments visible from the garden. Don’t think its worth the asking.

IMO this will easily hit its money.

It is a nice but dated house.

However I would check that the attic room has the correct planning and conforms with building regs

Yes, I was myself somewhat bemused at the queue waiting outside to get into view the property on Saturday, i would say about 35-40 people attended that viewing.

I agree with landlord, it will probably hit the asking price simply because it overlooks the green, it’s in a popular area, and also due to the general lack of supply, it’ll easily hit the asking price.
It does need quite a bit of work, but nothing unexpected for these houses - the rear extension is quite poor, and the chimney off that rear extension doesn’t look great, the garage roof is shot and is propped up somewhat precariously all round. The attic dormer conversion needs to be stripped back and re-done as it’s a poor finish internally, so I’d imagine the external part of that roof needs re-working too.
That said It’ll clean up nicely, and overlooks a nice green area to the front, something that Mount Prospect Drive doesn’t have the benefit of, and the road around the green will have less rat run traffic than Mt Prospect Drive.
I was bemused at one stage looking out from the attic dormer conversion to see a family in the apartments behind having a BBQ in amongst the trash bins though, did anyomne else spot that.

Sold on 7th Feb for 428k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-65881/

What was the asking? Is this another “overperforming” house?

Seems to be a pretty definite uptick in the market. Long term I’m still a bear, but that’s how it looks to me.

Yep. As Judge used to say on Wanderly Wagon, that’s indubitable.
Assuming we are talking about the Dublin market rather than Clontibret or Newmarket-on-Fergus.

Professor Brian Cox devoted a portion of his show recently to the energy expenditure of a red kangaroo as it bounced along. Despite an increase in velocity, its energy requirement remained pretty constant because its tendons effectively act as “springs”. One would have to seriously question whether the Irish dead cat has similar bouncing qualities, as Casero never tires of averring…

Yes, Dublin is what I had in mind (and in fact North-city Dublin, since I’m not really following the market elsewhere). I should watch out for those sorts of parochial Dublin-centric assumptions creeping in!

To continue the analogy, gravity always brings the kangaroo back to earth, and every kangaroo someday ends up back in the earth no matter how far it bounces…

Anyway, at these sorts of prices I can buy a house, even a nice one that I would like to live in, but it doesn’t make sense due to various big and small picture considerations.