51 Orwell Park, Rathgar (-2.5m, -33.3%)

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Now 6.6M.
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Wow, that is a new build and not a refurbed period house! :astonished: They did a really good job. Faaabulous house, and huuuge…

Sq. Metres: 482 (Sq. Feet: 5188.2) @ €6.6m

€1,272 per sq ft :unamused:

It only looks like that in the pictures, I initially thought they looked best of both worlds, with period style but modern insulating, bathrooms, plenty of power points, etc. But then i saw them. I was driving down Orwell Park about 18 months ago and was taken aback by three tacky looking faux period houses. They were built in victorian style, but they didn’t bother using clay red brick, they used dyed and it looks really poor. The 3 houses are built on a plot of land that was much too small for 3 such big houses, this again really stands out as the houses on Orwell Park for the most part have large gardens and are set well back from the road. These houses look so tacky in comparison.

You look at places like this on relatively small sites and the only conclusion you can come to is that you could build it yourself, including site costs for 70% less. So only someone who is really lazy or has so much money that the time/effort involved is starting from scratch isnt worth saving 4mln could justify buying it.

It would cost 1mln-1.5m EUR approx to re-build that place with quality materials, maybe 1.5mln if you wanted the absolute best of everything. Then you could get an equivalent site for maybe 1mln…It would cost 2.5mln to replicate that place exactly as you wanted IMHO

Bollox, I fucking hate those :imp: Trying to recreate period styles using modern style materials particularly when surrounded by examples of what they’re emulating is an evil thing to do in my book. It’s just wrong. One wouldn’t do a thatched cottage with plastic straws would you?

Cypress, is that going on previous costs or a guesstimate of future/present costs?

Current costs. There are plenty of .25/.5 acre sites for sale in good locations around Dublin at the moment for asking 1mln area. Most with some form of planning permission
Based off some preliminary research I have done the overall cost for a decent spec build would be anywhere from 100 - 150 a sq ft. Its probably worth paying up a bit extra for a reputable contractor who has done similar builds before

Re-launched on Daft at €6.6m:daft.ie/1457059

First photograph fooled me - if that was the only one I saw I’d be tempted to look but the price is just outrageous - you can get a well finished original on a quieter road for less than that - there was one in St Kevins park recently with a much bigger garden.

For some reason the second photograph reminds of the Stepford Wives!

20k mortage payment. :angry:

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or for half the price around the corner:

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51-53 Orwell Park

Date of Sale: 17/02/2012
Price: €3,251,144.74
Atypical Transaction: No
VAT Exclusive: Yes
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Now 2.65m.

what does the above mean i wonder?

#51 & #53 are currently for sale asking 2.65M & 3.9M respectively

Possibly an error (one of many), or they were both bought and are being flipped? The latter option seems unlikely as these houses are definitely worth over €1.6m each.

51 Orwell Park asking 2.65m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2184961

In terms of the data entry in the Property Price Register - it looks like someone chose to pay up, 3.25 million euros in 2012, for the convenience of a big, well-spec’d house next store (53 Orwell Park) with an ok-ish but small-ish garden on a busy road. It makes the 51 Orwell Park asking price seem less ridiculous I guess. Is that how others read the entry? Where is the best source for this Property Price Register information after data cleanup?