510K and not one of the photos is of the apartment

Note to agents and sellers. If are going to go to the trouble of taking 9 photos, and you’re hoping to get over half a million euro for your apartment,

For goodness sake make at least one of the 9 photos be one of the apartment itself.


Give me strength. THis looks like an agent that had some photos of the complex on file and couldn’t even be bothered getting up of his ass to photograph the apartment.

Either that or it’s so small and in such bad condition that he decided against it.

What does he hope, someone will send him a cheque based on the photos of the roof garden.


Major bug bear of mine! Drives me efffin’ MENTAL. I think we dicussed similar stuff in another thread. Fed up of looking at pictures of the

“A Dublin Bridge”
“The Phoenix Pk”
“The Luas Again”
“The Grounds of Some Period House”

Plus There is “Duplex” Vegetation Index. Sunny backgardens, but not a shot of a bedroom, loo or any other room, makes you wonder why.

I would suggest a “Worst marketed house in Ireland” thread, but I fear it would overwhelm the capacity of the pin to host it!

There are so many houses and apartments that are advertised badly (poor room descriptions, no measurements, pictures of none or only some of the rooms), it makes you wonder why the vendor doesn’t take a case against their agent for mis-selling! After all, they are paying some €800 euro for ‘advertising costs’ (as far as I can make out).


  1. “Balsbridge”
  2. I’ve never considered Grand Canal Dock to be Ballsbridge, but I could be wrong there.

Ah yes. I always thought it was in Ringsend, but now that I’ve moved into the area I “realise” that it’s actually Ballsbridge.