52 Lansdowne Park, Ballsbridge (-770k, -60%)

Was €1.29m in June


Now €1m


In my view it’s this kind of gaf that will suffer most

1million ???

three bed semi D

nope …

sorry …

this could be an 80% fall area

Now 900K, How low will it go? I believe this is an investment property, bought, refurbed and put back on the market, according to the neighbor.

myhome.ie/residential/search … HGJT354506

nice house, nice location but it is small

gotta link?

sorry was speculating
not right place to do it

I think they are ex-corpo too.
I viewed one around 2003 and it went for 270k, really sorry I didn’t buy it :frowning:

Yes ex corpo and no, you won’t be sorry. I never knew that prices got so mad. 1.29m! Worth < 200k, its an ugly 1930’s corpo house in a good area.

This is from the Sunday Business Post in Oct 2005
56 Lansdowne Park was withdrawn at €760,000, and sold later for a
higher sum through HOK Residential.

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … ry8918.asp

I reckon this wee puppy we could see under 300k when all is
said and done

Well, guess what, now below or near its 2005 selling price with the benefit of a full renovation!

Now 775K ! Down ~40%

myhome.ie/residential/search … HGJT354506

Surely it’ll pull 400K ?

Right, the no glee policy? How do I convey the fact I hurt my arse when I fell on the floor laughing.

400k tops.

That’s a smokin’ 3 bed semi :stuck_out_tongue:

Sq. Feet: 1140.97 @ €775k

€679 per sq ft

€400k would make it €350 per sq ft

Back on the market at 475K

“Recently extended with a magnificent Hamptons conservatory…”

“Please note that this property was staged for photography”


Photos have definately not been “staged” as is claimed. Went to see this recently and house has been ransacked since those photos have been taken. Not sure what happened - fairly sure the EA wasn’t giving the full story. House needs a fair bit of work and bedrooms and garden far too small for us. 425k max.

Asking price does not look unreasonable given

25/10/2012 €435,500.00 70 Lansdowne Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

It’s still nearly half a million for a council house where the conservatory is more impressive than the actual house. It also seems to take up most of the garden.

Doesn’t look that reasonable to me

I don’t know for a fact either to be honest.

If they aren’t though they have been modeled on council house.

They look so similar to that standard design

Sale Agreed (last asking €475k)

Interesting to look back at the very first post on this property.
You tend to forget what bubble prices were like.

To be honest, I wouldn’t pay much attention to that price. This house (52) was up at the height of heights, mid-2006 asking €885k by private treaty requiring renovation. This means that was the price they were realistically looking for, not an unrealistically low AMV at auction. That was the highest I ever saw one for IIRC before the crash. People may have continued to rise the prices post-crash, but they weren’t selling. You can decide yourself how much it would cost to renovate 915sqft (the original size pre-Celtic-Tiger-style-conservatory) and to add on a conservatory. The house was bought specifically with the intention to renovate and flip. They were just being greedy looking for a profit on an over-inflated purchase price when they knew the market was spiralling down. They offered it in May '08 at €1.35m, which was never going to happen… ever. They reduced to €1.29m in June, a mere month later, then to €1m in August. All of these asking prices were crazy and beyond bubblicious. I think at €475k they got enough for the house. If they got significantly over asking, I wont be surprised because very little manages to surprise me these days, however I wouldn’t personally give 500k+ for one - even a well presented one.