52 Palmerston Road, Rathmines - then and now

1998 “52 Palmerston Road, Rathmines sold €662k /£522k]”
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 46273.html
Equivalent to c. €950k today according to anthonykelly.com/inflation.html

Now asking €1600k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/2157114

Guys we’re back in 2006, really. Time machine, what.

A house like this would have easily been 4 m+ in 2006 so it is showing like most Dublin homes a 60% nominal drop from peak

Cheap house :slight_smile:

€400 per sq foot.

LL you must have no houses left at this stage


i can understand a prem for this house but not this much

this does look like a millionaires house however

dont know why ye keep referencing a discount from the peak

as the peak was the greatest property bubble ever in the world

its a nonsense price

Because the above was suggesting that we are back at these bubble levels which we are clearly not. There is a little dead cat bounce going on in some type house but even considering this I bet nearly all those houses are still over 50% down on peak, don’t know why people want to get their knickers in a twist by saying were heading back to peak levels… Way off them

but its not a good reference point for value or non value

as half nonsense is still nonsense

what is a fair price

  • what the market will pay
  • long term rental discounted cash flow
  • multiple of salaries
  • reference to other markets

but not 60% discount from a squillion

it should be about future not the past

What attracts people to this road? I honestly think its possibly the most overrated ‘tree lined’ street in Dublin. I can see why one would want to live in one of the homes in the stretch between Palmerston Park and Cowper Road (Temple Villas), but after that (where this house is located) the houses are really ordinary red-bricks. There’s nothing wrong with being ordinary, but with the prices these houses ask and have asked over the years, I cannot comprehend the attraction. Most homes at Temple Villas, Temple Gardens, Palmerston Park and Cowper Road are top class, these are not but yet they seem to achieve (or at least ask) high prices.

I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of Orwell Park, but I’d take one there any day before considering somewhere like Palmerston Road. It may be busy, and presumably noisy, but at least the vast majority of houses are very well looked after and I doubt there are many, if any, broken up into apartments and pre '69 dumps. There’s been a few nice ones on Orwell Park sold for prices around the same as this is asking.

I was only half joking…

Although we’re headed that way…


I think there is considerable difference in price between those address you said and palmerston road, particularly temple gardens and cowper road. What is intresting is how popular the road has become, I read on here a persons parents brought a home there in 1989 for 90k punts, that’s when the national average home price was 45k punts, now the the national average is 160k, imagine if you could get a house there for 320 k that would be nice :smiley:

Sold €1,500k on 25-6-13