52 Parkmore Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6 - 40K, -7%

was 650K
property.ie/property-for-sal … in/561413/
now 610K

Larger neighbour asking 575K

The larger neighbour is in D6W though! :angry:

Both properties are in D6W.

Now €550k:myhome.ie/343823 and here daft.ie/1561413

Now 495K myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ure/343823

This house is pitched on the ad as being 1250 sq ft.

However a quick tot up of the rooms indicates 775 sq ft. Which isnt a huge living area, at this asking price (and even more so at the asking price of 9 months ago).

It must be a fair big hallway.

The garage is an extra 130 sq ft. Personally, I wouldnt include this in living space, though I know some would…I’d put a 50% weighting on it (ie if you were valuing the house at €40 per sq ft, I’d value the garage at €20 per sq ft).

Now €450k here:myhome.ie/343823

A garage is not living space. I’d knock it and build a two storey extension if I could get the PP.

sold for 415k per the reg