53 Grange Road, Rathfarnham, D14 (up/down!)

This ones being on the market for a couple of years now

initially went on at 0.5m but dropped on 15/02/12 to 0.45m
collapso.net/Sale-Property/price … ing=Active

Nobody bought it, so 18 months later they do the rationale thing and up the price back to 0.5m!!!
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1777370

makes sense :unamused:

The market was rather different 18 months ago.

it sure was…but if it isn’t selling at 0.45m, it’ll hardly sell at 0.5m…market rising or not!

Well, well we thought we had bought 53, Grange Road. We agreed a selling price of 449,000.00 with McCarthy (the stroker) the Vendors agreed. I immediately sent 25,000.00 deposit by express post from Canada which cost me 89.00. On phoning over 200 times to try to get the Vendors to sign Contracts McCarthy kept saying we could do it when we arrived. Now remember we were buying this house with seeing, cash, no inspection a dream deal. Arrived in Ireland on 2nd July sat outside this house at 2.15 with our kids in the car the Vendor would not leave for McCarthy to show us around what we were buying. The Auctioneer had our 25,000.00 deposit now for three months at this stage. Finally she left. We still could not get the Vendors to sign Contracts and McCarthys story was well they have an emotional attachment to the house. Finally I walked into McCarthys office in Ratharnham and demanded my money back as at this stage I was wondering what was happing to our deposit. We ended up buying elsewhere and I now see 13 months later they want an extra 50,000 grand and to break someone elses heart. McCarthy should be investigated as I want my interest for all those months. Buyer REALLY BEWARE OF THIS CREW

I think they are related as why didn’t this house sell it’s been listed for nearly 2 years. Cash buyers and no seeing, now who’s crying now. Not me.

Blame should be apportioned where it is due.

The EA would have been only to happy for the sale to have proceeded (he would have collected his fee). The owners decided not to sell.

The property is for sale again with a €50k price but what does that mean for the agent? An extra €500 in fees? I am sure he would have preferred to collect a smaller fee 12 months ago.

However for the vendor an extra €49,500 validates their decision.

The current price increase in SCD means that home owners who are trading down are making out like bandits. Meanwhile EA are finding it harder and harder to persuade people to sell :slight_smile:

I have been looking for a House around Rathfarnham & Templeogue for the last three years and have come across Cathal McCarthy several times, I have to say to me he seemed to be the most honest EA in the area with regards info expectations etc (no bullsh1t and lies). I bid on a few houses unsuccessfully with him but he was always straight.

dnaleri, I think you were extremely unlucky with the sellers here and not the agent. One thing that I have come across the odd time is people putting their property on the market to satisfy a Banks demands but they don’t want to sell.

Sorry AKAF it’ not the poor Ea’s fault forgot to mention we were also down 1,000 euro from our Solicitor for drafting/sending Contracts so u could say the old bizzard really fucked us. Glad to see your business is still making good money screwing people back in the old Cou try. Im well out of it TG… :angry:

agreeing to buy a house for 450k without even viewing it :angry:

Yes I’ve done so with homes/business both in US and here in Ireland and it’s been very successfull but this is the first ropey deal I’ve come across where people list a house then won’t sell you watch this space :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your solicitor doing drafting the contracts for sale, you were buying the house!

Sounds like you were robbed, literally!

Sold for 485k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-97693/