€53m Avondale Park housing co-operative in Mulhuddart, Dubl

independent.ie/irish-news/24 … 92446.html

This is housing that is only available to those on the housing list.
53m divided by 240 puts the cost at €220833 per house.

According to NABCO’s website rent is quite low.

Most people who don’t qualify for the housing lists will be paying over one third of their income on shelter.

Nothing about the size of these houses? I thought I heard that there are some apartments in the development which would make the price average seem steep no? If they’re all spacious 4 bed semis with decent gardens and garages then it’s not so bad, but this being Ireland that’s a bit of a stretch

nabco.ie/_fileUpload/Image/A … bnail0.jpg

that doesn’t look like high quality housing to me.

There has to be better housing stock available for sale around Dublin for less than the build cost of these…seriously, it’s not rocket science

according to daft not really
about 350 houses for sale in west dublin under 225k
vested interests directing government policy have made sure that prices stay high so that people can’t afford to source their own private shelter

as long as govt. can borrow to support these schemes through social welfare and funding to local govt./housing co-operatives they’ll keep winning.

if the money runs out it’ll all collapse.

the forum is boring at the moment because nothing is happening. the vested interest plan is operating at the moment and it keeps operating as long as billions of euro keep being borrowed. exhaust the line of credit and it stops working

when the line of credit gets stopped then people will say it is because funding was cut off and confidence was lost in the economy rather than because funding was cut off and the illusion of an economy that Ireland had has gone pop.

This NABCO bunch appear to have big plans to develop shit sites with little social housing produced at the end of it.

nabco.ie/_fileupload/NABCO%2 … 0April.pdf

It seems like the county council have problem brownfield sites and are off-loading them on to NABCO along with all the affordable housing estates that nobody would willingly take out a mortgage to live in anymore.

Ireland’s social housing policy appears to be a complete and utter joke.

That’s where you tax goes.

That’s the way the system seems to work here, while the taxpayers, mortgage holders get screwed with increased taxes, LPT, water charges, variable interest rate hikes from state owned banks as well as everything else, the residents of this scheme have to pay 15 and 17 per cent of incomes.

I’m assuming that Mercedes in the IT picture wasn’t taken into consideration in the means test?

What are you people suggesting as an alternative? Pay rent supplement to private landlords and distort the market that way? Or not have the government intervene in housing at all and bring back the tenements?

how do you know they are non nationals? they were probably born in ireland. which makes them the same as you.

Yeah like all the 5k on the waiting list are non-nationals :unamused:

We must have an horrific homeless problem that I am missing if this from the IT makes any sense:

Oh, we’re all cold hearted curmudgeons around here.

Normally when a well funded person or organisation is buying in bulk they can negotiate a discount to the open market rather than paying up to 100% over market rate and have sellers queuing up to do business with them.

That 240 units was composed of one and two bed apartments along with townhouses. They well overpaid for what they got.

and just because there are 90,000 names on the housing list it doesn’t mean they all deserve housing.
is 90k names not too much intervention in the market?

I have no problem with social housing. I was questioning the cost, based on what is being offered I think the construction costs are high and the housing stock doesn’t seem to be family friendly as many here would define it.

That is a perfectly fair point homemaker, NABCO oes not seem to have negotiated a good deal here. But this is not be point being made by some of the posters above, who are querying whether it is fair that the government funds social housing at all.

Who is selling it and who is funding it?

Oh and that pending collapse in credit is not going to happen, it’s already happened.

define “it”. if the “it” you refer to is Irish property then we know the seller and buyer are ultimately one in the same.

Different point. State is lending money to this crowd to fund the property (on which, if it is like Cluid, no interest or capital are repayable). If its NAMA, IBRC or AIB, then the flow is merely circular and the value has no impact on cash flow at fucking all.

Is Ireland borrowing money at the moment. If it is then this borrowed money will have to be paid back by taxpayers at some stage. I don’t care whether it is Cluid or NAMA they are all part of the same entity; Ireland inc.

The money is alredy borrowed.

in that case, where’s my free house? is there one for everyone in the audience?
I’m an unsophisticated sort with regard to finance I thought if you borrow money it either is spent on stuff or given back. if spent on stuff then somebody has to make the payments.

How can you repay it when it’s being rented to people on lower incomes at low levels of rent? Look, my point in relation to social housing is you have to look at the funds flow. Last year Cluid bought a bunch of apartments from NAMA in Sandyford which was discussed here. The funding was through the local authorities to NAMA. If they paid 1€ or a million the net outcome would be the same for Ireland Inc.