54 Iona Road, glasnevin, dublin 9 (-80k, 10.3%)

was €775k, now €695, drop of €80k or 10.3%

tribune.ie/property/article/ … e-to-view/

@154 sq. m, or 1,657 sq ft, gives a figure of €419.43 per sq. ft.

comment no 3 from derek brawn makes interesting reading

Madly enough that listing seems to have been removed from MyHome and Lisney sight although still viewable through Google Cache.
So I guess it’s been snapped up.

webcache.googleusercontent.com/s … ent=safari

It’s fare to say it needs total renovation.

Gorgeous houses which most people in Glasnevin/Drumcondra aspire to however the BER is a serious downside. This would score an F with flying colours and there’s not a huge amount you can do to change that. The facades can’t be insulated on the outside, there’s no cavity, and the plasterwork coving on the ceilings makes properly drylining the inside difficult without getting new molds made etc. Also these houses need to breath.

I’d also expect BER to start have a serious effect on sqm prices unless energy prices decide to surprise us all and take a nose dive.

I second that. I sold a house in Glasnevin last year, and the results of the BER inspection made me weep.