54 Moyne Road, Ranelagh, D6 (-€405k, -37%)

Was €1.1m and ‘Worth the Investment’ according to the IT …

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 32402.html

Now €950k

Period needs refurb 4 bed tce:
€5135 per sq m (950000/185)
€477 per sq ft (950000/1991)

myhome.ie/residential/search … XDME409543

Ohh yea, thats how you determine wheather its a good investment or not … by using teaser rates as your benchmark !

The maximum mortgage Bank of Ireland would offer on this house is 92 per cent of the price, or €1,012,000. Monthly repayments over 25 years, based on a one-year fixed rate of 2.35 per cent (APR 2.6 per cent), work out at €4,461.61 and at €4,613.81 on a two-year fixed rate of 2.65 per cent (APR 2.6 per cent).

Now €695k:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1247649

Period needs refurb 4 bed tce:
€3757 per sq m (695000/185)
€349 per sq ft (695000/1991)

The above measurements are from the previous myhome ad which is now dead. It would appear to have gained some sq ft in the interim …

New Area:
Period needs refurb 4 bed tce:
€3475 per sq m (695000/200)
€323 per sq ft (695000/2150)

I’ll bring my measuring tape …

I always understood that section of the Irish Times to ‘Worth the investment?’ as opposed to be ‘Worth the Investment!’

Now €645k:myhome.ie/1247649

That’s about 300/sqm

Approaching value if it wasn’t such a big renovation job

The IT report at the top of this page from Sept. '09 says €200,000 - €250,000 is needed for renovation. I know these processes can be pricey, but surely to Jehovah that’s a vast overestimate? Unless, I suppose, there’s a major structural issue.

To renovate to Ranelagh standard obv - marble tiles, every appliance is Neff, €250/roll wallpaper, shower door made from special glass imported from the moon etc. Y’know, wouldn’t want to be less classy than the neighbours.

I reckon less than 50k would do the job, to D6 standards.

You should see the house - closer to €250k than €50k will be needed.

And with a bad extension out the back - While the EA says 2,000 sq feet really it is 1,500 sq feet of livable space. So Euro/ sq foot needs to be reconsidered

There’s no way of knowing how much it would take to fix this property as there is quite a bit of subsidence - the first floor is not level and the chimney stack is cracked from the top to just below the first floor!

now sale agreed