54 Raymond Street, South Circular Road (-350k / -35.9%)

Was 895k


Now 825k


Now 795k

This was originally 1.1 million according to my source who has been watching it! No link. This would be towards the end of last year.


Now 700k


22% drop from 895k, or 36% drop from 1.1 million is YM is correct.

Now 625k


Still miles off that 2002 price.

A guide price at auction used to be about 10% below the reserve.
It may have gone for considerably more.

Check out the previous owners from 1911

census.nationalarchives.ie/r … 000194737/

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 453858.asp

Says it sold for

so it sounds like it’s currently a 2003 price, with no allowance for inflation.

107.69 Sq. Metres (1,159 Sq. Feet) @ €625k

€5,804 per sq m


€539 per sq ft

It was definitely 975k anyway, so definitely down 350k / 35.9%
tribune.ie/archive/article/2 … -8-975000/

That Tribune article from March 2003 re 615k for a similar house is true as I know the sellers. Looks like (best case), we are at early 2003 prices now in this area and heading back quickly to where they were (circa 20% below that) when I lived on Bloomfield Ave back in 2001-2002. This property and a similar property on Emor St (daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=411564) must be driving down the whole period houses close to town market…

I’ve heard that the house on Emor Street needs a lot of work. The asking prices on Bloomfield Avenue are still very high:
myhome.ie/residential/search … IRRS397565


myhome.ie/residential/search … BDTQ371522

Wow to the first link :astonished: that is some special place.

Sq. Metres: 251 (Sq. Feet: 2701.74) @ €1.5m

€555 per sq ft

The one on Emor Street looks ugly and needs to be redecorated but has been refurbed so not big bucks involved. The 950k 2nd link is way off market so will probably drop 100k soon!

That’s an interesting snippet of history. Husband, wife, five kids, a cousin and a boarder all lived there in 1911. Are those records searchable by address?

It really is. I’m normally quite curmudgeonly about houses other people describe as great, pointing out all the flaws in them. (I’m in practice for when I start viewing.) But that one ticks all my boxes, the worst thing I can say about it, is that if was my house I’d be embarrassed showing my friends around it, as I’d feel like a show-off with an awesome house. :neutral_face: