55 Gainsborough Avenue, Malahide (-140k, -19.2%)

Was 730k


then 690k


Now 590k


Thats a pretty sharp drop. Lot of other 4 beds in Gainsborough still quoting 700k+. Maybe reality is slowly setting in…

I know someone who sold here withing that past 18 months - they speak very highly of their estate agent.

I looked quite seriously at buying one of these houses back in early 2004. Needless to say I crunched the numbers and decided not too. It went for 505,000. It has been my benchmark ever since.

Now Ireland has had inflation running at roughly 4% in the 4 years since.

Therefore 2008 value of that 505,000 is 505,000 x (1+0.04)^4 = 590,778

It’s back up to 690k

Must have been a mistake by the EA :oops:

Even with their ‘mistake’, I wonder if they got many more enquiries.

now at 670,000 …