55 Howth Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3 (-450k,-37.5%)

was 1200k:
Live.com Cache

now 975k:
property.thepost.ie/residential/ … NRMS358981

To many zero’s in the daft add - making it 9 million!!! XX

Now €890k (-310k, 25.8%)


I wonder what effect the IMF coming into the country would have on house prices such as this one? Ah well time will tell.

assuming 1200 sq ft, €741/sq ft, no BER


myhome.ie/residential/search … NRMS358981

Sq. Metres: 178 (Sq. Feet: 1915.98) @ €750k

€391 per sq ft

Looks like a fine house to me…

According to the agent

3/4 million euro, and you have to park on the (very busy) road.

“Private” back garden is overlooked by noisy trains passing every few minutes during the day.

And what are those vertical “slime” marks on the rear extension?

The Estate Agents trail?

im guessing its this house,
i dont think the ones up this far have on street parking, and i think its far enough away from the dart line for noise not to be an issue.
particularly with the rear lane for access. ill be passing on the dart tonight as im interested to see how overlooked it is (not very i feel)

still lots of money tho!

Close, but I think it’s the next pair NE along the road.

I don’t see a driveway so if you don’t park on the road, I don’t know where else you park (unless you get planning permission for a garage around the back.).

You can’t see into the house from the DART, but the garden is very overlooked, though I suppose you could plant some trees as some of the others have done.

SALE AGREED on myhome.ie and on sign outside.