56 Adelaide Road Dublin (-300k, -15%)

Was 2,000,000 … d=10&gl=ie

Now 1,800,000


On sale for c. a year now

Down to 1700k
dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10051069

Still €1.7m.

I just had to post the guff that appears in the ad.

I am sure most people have been past this place, either:

  • Driving by in one of the tens of thousand sof cars that motor by within 10 meters of the front door each day
  • On a bus plying one of the dozens of bus routes that go past there.
  • On foot, working to work in a crowd of hundreds of other commuters, where you pass by so close you could read the newpaper over the shoulder of someone sitting i the front room.

And I didn’t even mention closing time for the Leeson Street wine bars.

Friend of mine lived on Leeson Street for a while a few years back.

‘Harlem’ he used to call it. :laughing:

Has finally sold.

Nice bit of commission that, how much did you get for it?