56 Ludford Park, Ballinteer, Dublin 16 [+5K, +1.5%]

This ine actually looks like it went up 5K

irishpropertywatch.net/viewS … ite=myhome

Now 335K


Needs modernisation but close to Dundrum and all that jazz. Big garden too

Is this a plus I see before me ? a PLUS on this site ?
Even odder is the price -I think it’s cheap for this area. Ludford is a quiet respectable private estate in Dundrum and I -unless there is something wrong with it -I think the vendors could get more . Not a big house but just what many young families are presently seeking.

Price goes up. Does. Not. Compute.

It’s funny. Went up at 330K from Dec 11 to Feb 12. Then off again. May have a new EA now who suggested that price.

Think they’ll get a nice bit of interest too

I believe its at over €400k now!!! Things are on the up. 8DD

its at over €400k at the mo.

This is untrue.

Any proof to back up the claim?

I think you need to call the agent and ahem ‘clarify’ your information.

I have a feeling he would be ringing his own phone…

There have been a few unsubstantiated price claims recently from posters with little credibility. Peter Griffin was last seen with a few first time visitors pimping the price on Wyckham Park Road. viewtopic.php?p=611462#p611462

I’m starting to doubt that that house really achieved €540k. I find it hard to believe this one is fetching €400K

As someone who believes family-house prices in several location in Dublin, especially some southern suburbs, have risen from the last Winter’s trough I had expected to see this Ludford house sell at more than the asking price . But I’d be amazed if had reached 400k -just as I share First Bass’s incredulity at Wykham Park’s reported price.

However, as a local retired nosey busy-body interested (like all posters here) in property and who has followed many local sales, I think there may be some truth in what appear to be wild claims. Usually one could follow asking prices. But this is increasingly difficult as there is an ever diminishing number of family houses for sale in many areas of South Dublin, especially in Dundrum.

Looking just now at daft and myhome -and ignoring ex-corpo houses- I can only find about a dozen houses in what I consider Dundrum.
And, judging by the present asking prices of each of them it’s not too fantastical to believe that the prices of Ludford and Wykham may have reached the levels reported,even if by naughty EAs “pimping up” the prices.

It most certainly is not above €400k.

I would take a wild stab in the dark and guess that the latest bid lies somewhere between €365k and €367k. :angry:


Sold for 370k.

propertypriceregister.ie/web … enDocument

€370 per square foot for a 3 bed semi with one bathroom.