57a 57b Leeson Park - whats it worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … agh/192032
Anyone had a look at this? Its a super road but in reality this is probably just a site with a 35ft long garden. The road is great but 1.15mm for a site is steep.

Planning permission is granted for an ugly 3 storey modern house. I guess you’d want to try build something in keeping with the neighbouring period houses. Probably a three storey with about 2400 sq feet.
So you would have to go through the planning process from scratch I guess.

This is for sale around the corner:
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 33639.html

Thoughts on price

dreeeaaamm, dream, dream, dream, dream…

One word of caution on the “close to schools” thing… many of the schools in Ranelagh operate a ‘from birth’ list system where seniority within category counts. You are not likely to benefit from being in the catchment area if you move in as the existing lists will exclude you.

Spot on. And you’ve only a slim chance of getting a place for your kid unless their older brothers and sisters are already in the school. And one of the Ranelagh schools told me they wanted to interview my wife & I and our daughter when she turned FOUR to decide if she could have a place in the school. Interviewing a 4 year old. One of the daftest things I’d ever heard of.

To be fair, they’re really interviewing you. They want her there to make sure that she is mature enough to go into junior infants. School is free where childcare is not. So stretched parents are putting children that are really not ready for school in a year earlier than they otherwise might. So the school will be making sure that, for example, she doesn’t still wear nappies, have a soother, can go to the toilet by herself, can talk to strangers without crying (really, you’d be surprised at what turns up!). Otherwise the school can suggest deferring for a year - which gives them an extra place in the current year. It’s extend and pretend with four year olds…

345k no more no less