58 Dublin Road, Sutton (-430k, -34%)

Was 1,280,000 … d=13&gl=ie

Now 995,000


It does say though…

Which would be a 30% drop. Sherry Fitz though claim that prices dropped by 40% already.

Well it is a 40% drop if you include the fact that it should have increased in value by another 10% at least in 2007 and 2008 as Ireland is different. How could you not know that? :angry:

Now 850k

I remember passing that house because of the gigantic boat in the neighbors driveway.
They should have to get planning permission to keep a yacht in the yard.

Since when have steel framed windows which stream water and condensation in bad weather been a feature? And I think it would be possible to move the boat next door by saying its blocking your light or its a hazard in stormy weather because at least its an eyesore.