58 Grosvenor Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6 ( -€400k, -24%)


Learn what exactly ?

Doom merchanting is what you are peddling , not much to learn there.


You sound like Bertie Ahern back in the day when McWilliams was ‘peddling’ a narrative that didn’t suit him. Should I commit suicide too??


Please don’t .

You sound like all the other doom merchants who is foaming at the mouth for a massive recession so that you can say I told you so and when it’s not happening like you expect you push your prediction out a few months, it’s a baffling mindset .


Just so everyone is clear - this was why I referenced suicide…,


Hi I’m considering buying this property genuinely what do people thing it needs. It’s very big. To be honest I’m interested the garden more. Amazing to get this kind of space so close to town. I actually don’t want a house this size. But maybe you could do it up slowly? Or leave a room or two/ block them off. Does it need roof, wiring, electrics, heating system. What else? Do you think it’s dry and structurally sound?


I wouldn’t be paying the asking price - it’s been sitting on the market for years.

What is it about the garden you love?

If you’re good with a labour of love, then this property might be ok. No money to be made on a quick flip.


Your not boxed in! Having lived with covid lock downs. This is something I think we would appreciate. Do you think bank would give you a mortgage on it?


Is this the garden that you’re getting excited about??


i wouldnt have thought the garden was anything out of the ordinary, that house would need a tonne of work.


Does it even have parking? And the garden feels (from picture) very overlooked.


17 pictures on daft.ie: 4 are outside, 2 are of the door and 3 of ceiling details. Very little info on the house itself considering they’re trying to sell it in a pandemic when the pictures are all people have to go on.