59 Dufferin Avenue, South Circular Road [-15%, -71K]

Was 470K


Now 399K

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ad/1802424

5 Bed, just about on nicer side of SCR. Sq Ft not given, sigh!

I make it 1,763 sq ft. Nice area (I live close by) and a nice road but this needs to lose another 25% methinks…

What is with estate agents that they are unable/unwilling to provide basic info such as the size of the house???

Anyway, I think it needs to come down a lot more given the cost of the cosmetic makeover that is required.

Maths is not my strong point so don’t all shout at once if the percentage drop is calculated arseways

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ad/1802424

Went on the market at 470k in Feb/March I think, then dropped to 450k in May and now 399k

Nice road and decent size but looks to be in absolute rag order. A few houses very near this on SCR in similarly bad condition have sold recently but no idea for what price.

I’d price this one at between 200k and 250k being bullish, assuming at least 150 - 200k to get in into good condition

It’s practically Dolphins Barn! Skanger quotient way too high.
Bonkers price. :open_mouth:

If this is Dolphin’s Barn, then I must be far more of a skanger than I realised - I live at least half a kilometre nearer to DB than this house is. I must alert my family that we are officially knackers of the highest order. Who knew?

I think your refurb costs are a bit high.

More like €100k unless you are going all out.

I suspect you have not seen this house in person

Structurally sound, rewire, replumb, replaster. Insulate attic, new bathrooms & ensuite plus kitchen. Repair roof and windows

A standard finish rather than a Celtic tiger job will come in for around 100k.

You won’t have your marble tiles in the bathrooms or a granite kitchen top in a cube glass extension but a basic standard finish.

Probably 450k for the the finished article (~€260 per sq ft), so assuming Landlords estimates are correct, 350k sounds about right. Number 31, much smaller, on for 450k - well overpriced

The layout of the house is all over the place. A rabbit warren which leaves you with almost no decent garden. . It would be a complete waste of time to renovate with current layout intact, throwing good money after bad. You’d need to knock the entire non early 1900s part of the house and start again, for which you would need an architect and a good builder. Forget marble and glass cubes.

Go and see it and let me know whether you would put 100k into this house without a significant redesign involving knock and rebuild.

No 39 Dufferin Avenue (other side of the road and other end of the street - a good bit smaller, 3 bed with attic conversion) on for 450k with Felicity Fox


Very frothy prices. All this talk of dead cats bouncing must have gone to the heads of vendors/EAs. I’d be surprised if this went much further north of 350k (although happy in another way for what it would mean for the value of my own house …)

Its a funny thing having a selfish personal interest in this being the bottom and prices stabilising rising from the I’m-in-negative-equity-get-me-out-of-here point of view and simultaneously fervently hoping for further falls in prices on the basis that they remain too high for us to re-set to a functioning non-bubble economy

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Sale Agreed

Sold 390k as per ppr.ie

Astonishing price for the condition it was in.