59 Seafield Crescent, Booterstown (-95k, -17.6%)

Was 540k, 525k

Then 515k
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 17378.html

Now 445k
114 Sq. Metres (1,227 Sq. Feet)
€362/sq foot

Exceptional and beautifully presented 3 bed semi detached home in Booterstown, presented in turn key condition and offering scope and potential to extend subject to FPP

This one is on sale now well over a year. 445K is too high considering only 1 bath (no picture), narrow kitchen, no BER, no ensuite.

No picture of back garden so impossible to tell extension possibilities (google maps not clear enough.) Besides, the conservatory, which you can only access through the kitchen, looks like a relatively recent add on and backs onto the garden. What are you gonna do, add another room onto it. You’d never knock it!

Not the largest house either. Is €362/sq foot still seen as reasonable these days in this area?

I think it would be seen as approaching reasonable only if the house was really big enough for the needs of a family, which it’s not (only one bathroom), and with no glaring disadvantages.

At a closer look, this looks like a nice house in very good condition. But it badly needs an extension, and one apparent disadvantage is that it shares a driveway with its neighbour, leading to two adjoined garages - not something I’d want to get into myself, although it would be easy enough to take a look at other houses on the road to see how they’ve resolved the issue.

So €225-250 per square foot seems more realistic to me, giving a price of €275-310k. If this seems low, bear in mind that extending by 600 square feet could cost the guts of €100k (although I know I’m leaving myself wide open to the posters who say they could get the job done for €4,370 and a case of cheap hooch). And there’s still that driveway issue.

Had a good look over this one when it came out and came to the conclusion it was all it was ever going to be.
Essentially the size of a townhouse with a conservatory and odd shaped kitchen added to it.

114 Sq. Metres with no place to go (not even up) does not make for a long term family home.

Shared driveway looks very odd and I wouldn’t fancy that NE facing garden, neither.