59 Tudor Lawns, Leopardstown Road, Foxrock (-180k, -23%)

Was 775,000


Now 695k


Now 665k

Now 595k

Two measure for value:

  1. Worth EUR 480,000, based on 20 years rental value at EUR 2,000 per month (the going rent for this house in Tudor Lawns)
  2. Another measure: EUR 400 per square foot = EUR 520,000

So, call it EUR 500,000

A yield of 5% is too small given that 5% is available in the bank.

Try a multiplier of 15 (yield of 6.66).(i’m being generous)

Then rent of 24,000 per annum by multiplier of 15 gives value of 360,000.

way more to fall and thats with a yield of 6.66.

Always thought this was the most overpriced estate in Dublin, and that’s saying something.
They went well into the 900k’s at one stage, I’d want a genuine Tudor pile for that money.

But it’s in Fawksrawk! :wink: