59 Watson Drive, Killiney (-€40k; -11.9%)

4 Bed Semi-Detached House 133.8 m² / 1440 ft²; south facing garden
was €335k
collapso.dyndns.org/JavaHost/ser … id=1284757
now €295k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1284757

This is most definitely Killiney, and at barely €200/sq.ft. is a new low for the area. These are quite spacious, reasonably well built houses. Number 98 was €355k 6 months ago, closer to €300/sq.ft.


I don’t think Kilbogget is anywhere. :smiley:
Google Maps shows the weirdest place names for Ireland. Kilbogget is an old townland spanning parts of Ballybrack, Killiney and Cabinteely. It survives in a few street and park names. You can probably guess where centre ville was from the location of Kilbogget House (which, although in a different price range, I notice is also under €250/sq.ft.):

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/364861

It is killiney but it would be widely regarded as being the wrong side of killiney. Great big houses though.

Its address is Killiney, but the next road Ralahine is Ballybrack and its right beside Tescos Ballybrack. The other half of Watsons is nicer, this end the houses are on top of each other would small gardens. After the houses in Watsons were built there was some problem with them, can’t remember what though, it got a lot of publicity and they found them hard to sell, though that was all forgotten in the boom.

kilbogget is the park.

Let’s not forget the kitchen’s “handcrafted bespoke units and worktops, Villeroy Boch double butler’s sink, hand crafted French Provencal tiles, Aga, polished timber floor”. The wall colour looks a bit more 1970s than 1770s. :smiley:


Friend of mine lived in Watsons Park when I was a kid and she always described it as Ballybrack.

the residents assoc. website certainly make it seem v. idyllic
watsonkillineyresidentsassociati … index.html

There is a good park and lots of green areas about, but I would see that end of Watsons as too close the 'Brack.
I know Watsons very well and you’ll see a lot of pyjama-wearers around the Tesco there.

It’s a Killiney address, rather than location, tbh.

The back garden concreted over is horrible. I’d knock down that (I’m assuming) old boiler house if possible too

Take care with that asbestos roof so…

Sale agreeD: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1284757

I drove by that house yesterday. Sherry Fitz have a “SOLD” sign on it, rather than “Sale Agreed”.

Fair play to them for offloading it. It looks like a money pit. Does anyone know what they got for it?

Only recently I heard what another house further down that road sold for earlier this year: €280,000. That house had a cobblelock driveway, new bathrooms, gas conversion, good decoration and doubleglazed windows, so I assume the Sherry Fitz house sold for much, much less.

By the way: all of Watson’s is in Ballybrack, as is everything to the right hand side of Church Road (as you head toward Bray). That’s not a bad thing. The houses in Watson’s are better than most estate developments in Killiney proper. But the way some locals think everything the council built in the hollow to the left of Church Road is Ballybrack,and anything private is Killiney, is just risible; don’t entertain their ravings.