6 Anglers Rest, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-4/195096


64m² on 3 levels …

I know it’s not going to be the popular viewpoint but I like it.
The rooms seem to be decent sizes, and I don’t think the three level thing would bother me after a month.

What about Beech Hill Flats next door?
I don’t know about today but going back it was
easy enough to get a good kicking or your
head stamped on.
Maybe they’ve been demolished?

You can probably grab a 2 bed apt in Donnybrook Castle for about 50k extra.
And although I’m not a fan of apts, the area would be slightly better as Anglers Rest backs onto the Beech Hill estate (which again is fine … for the most part).

Anywhere in D’brook is fine. A knacker by D’brook standards is a posh bastard by Northsoide standards.

Yep. I lived in something similar before and it was such a pain in the arse. Up and down the whole time.

The trend now in London is to convert Georgian townhouses into single level apartments so I don’t understand why somebody would purposely build a narrow 3 bed townhouse.

A €295K gamble. If it turns out that it did in fact bother you after a month, ouch.

I think it would be rather nice were it not for the bizarre matter of walking into the kitchen from the hall door and the inevitable pain of being up and down the stairs all the time. For €200k you might be talking as that would be somewhat in line with a rental price of c. €1k pm.

No,they’re still there and plenty of toe rags still in evidence.Pain in the arse actually.
This happened a few months back.


The poor fuckers who actually bought IN Beech Hill and paid a fortune for the privelege probably thought they’d be gone by now. They ain’t goin anywhere

This 2 bed house around the corner (it’s a 3 bed only if you convert the bathroom) asking 335k looks like better value. Apart from the storiedness of Angler’s Rest, it’s also single aspect by the look of it.
Other houses in that Beech Hill estate asking 395k and 498k (and a corner site for 250k) looking very optimistic.