6-bed house, Eden Gate, Delgany, Co. Wicklow (-400k, 26.7%)

Was 1.5m

Now 1.275m

The property is still way overvalued.

There is no chance of getting a buyer above €750k.


This seems to be the same property, i.e. same number of bedrooms and same size
Now 1.1m

Back in 2006, a smaller six-bed (361sqm) was 2.3m, so a 50%+ drop from peak
tribune.maithu.com/archive/artic … f-ireland/


Eden Gate is a relatively dense housing estate (with road access issues and its not within walking distance of anywhere)

This house is enormous, which is the reason for the high price, but its still in an badly located estate - if I had 1.1m to spend I wouldn’t be buying in an estate, and I’d want a big garden. What were they thinking even including this in the development (looking at the brochure there are 3 of these behemoths in the estate, the house style is modestly titled the “Admiral”)

Is this the show house, and has it never sold? Some of the pictures are almost identical(or identical) to the ones from the brochure…