6 bed, Lorcan Avenue, Santry (-11.5%)

Was €2600 no 2

Now €2300

daft.ie/searchrental.daft?se … arch+%BB&s[cc_id]=ct1&s[a_id][0]=pc10&s[mnp]=&s[mxp]=&s[bd_no]=6%2B&s[pt_id]=&s[move_in_date]=0&s[lease]=&s[furn]=0&s[search_type]=rental&s[transport]=&s[advanced]=&s[price_per_room]=&s[refreshmap]=1&limit=10&id=527494

Now down to 2000

Janey… If you could be bothered I’d say you get make some money subletting that place, if you didn’t mind the hassle and still get two rooms to yourself…

Mind you, I have a feeling I know the owner (possibly) and value my life… :stuck_out_tongue: