6 Brighton Place, Foxrock (-156k, -20.1%)

Was 775k
sherryfitzgerald.files.wordpress … rties4.pdf

Now 695k
184 Sq. Metres (1,981 Sq. Feet)
€350/sq foot

Number 19
Irish Times 4 March 1999

IRP360K then = Euro 626k inflation adjusted now

WTF was going on in 1999 to 2000!

Number 12
19 May 2000
independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 76865.html

IRP550K then = Euro942K inflation adjusted now

See also discussion of 18 Brighton Place (similar size, asking 949k earlier this year!)

6 Brighton Place now 619k

That looks like a fabulous house. Really like the layout.

But seriously. WTF is with people covering their gardens in paving and gravel?? An INSTANT write off.

“Hey let’s put a kid’s trampoline over our trendy sandstone slabs - what’s the worst that can happen?”

Also, it’s virtually Carrickmines/Cornelscourt out there.
You are miles from anything useful except the M50.

I agree that it’s an affront to nature, but it would cost very little to fix this kind of thing; just ask around among a few landscape gardeners. Writing a place off just because they’ve done this to the garden is equivalent to walking away from a house because they painted the rooms in a colour you hate.

Now you’re talking… it’s still €312 per square foot when it should really be closer to €200.

Never really considered the cost bringing a garden back to nature. Possibly because people usually do it to small gardens which I’ve not agreed to compromise myself with yet.

The thought of digging up all that bespoke paving and gravel and laying lawn, doesn’t appeal.
Though now you mention it my cousin-in-law and one of the lads I play footy with are landscape gardeners!

Sale agreed: