6 Carlisle Terrace, Dun Laoghaire (-500k, -41%)

Was 1225k, 1150k

now 975k

Now 900K


346 euro per square foot. 12 min walk from DART, period, self-contained granny flat, etc, etc.

Now 800k. Ladies & Gents. We are reaching the turning point (turning further downwards that is!).


€307 per square foot.

Popup ads on the photos was “for Dunnes Stores”. I guess its a sign of the times.

RockinRollski - and there are morons out there who paid 700K earlier this year for 1300 sq foot 1970s semi-D in Rosmeen.

Twice the space, a 2 bed apartment (if needed) and period construction for 100K more!!!

Not to mention, the 975K that some bidder paid for this 1500sq foot house.

lisney.com/Residential/22-Gl … ublin.aspx

Which at the time looked like value…this is moving quickly. Sentiment has turned down. You can smell the fear.

This house just fell to 725K


This is a 2600 sq foot, 10 min walk-to-the-DART period house in move-in condition in a lovely area with a garden, parking, etc.

This puts a lot of Dun Laoghaire/Sandycove/Dalkey property underwater and marks the beginning of the end of the 600-700K 1200 sq foot semi-D in this area…

Hard to justify the following values:

3 Lower Albert Road, 675K, 60% as big

37 Clarinda, slightly smaller, awful condition

8 Tivoli Terrace, 60% the size, no parking

80 Upper Georges, 60% the size, awful condition, 950K

Mulgrave Lodge, 60% the size, 825K

34 Rosmeen, 690K, less than half the size

It also makes monkeys out of whoever (allegedly) paid 775K earlier this year for a diplapidated 1200 sq foot semi-D in Rosmeen.


Allegedly the 8 Tivoli Terrace has an offer of 700K on it - which has been refused! Complete madness looking at Carlisle Tce and these other prices.

Clarinda has gone sale agreed in the upper 600’s too. Probably a bit more reasonable.

Still on for €725k. I would have thought we’d have seen a sale by now.

No. 4 now on for €695k - in flats so suspect in poor shape.

As a matter of interest 22 Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire, South Co. Dublin is on with the same agent asking €750k.

Number 4 now appearing as “Sale Agreed”.