6 Comyn Place

Hi, Has anyone viewed this property?

I hope to view it next week at some stage. After doing some research on the area, I am aware a few other properties close to this house are having structural problems. Just wondering should I bring a surveyor to the first viewing?


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1808516

I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t a high risk of structural issues… but no need to get a surveyor for the first inspection.
€150k is still a lot of money so prob better to make sure you see potential etc in it before calling in the experts.

N FWIW… a lot of houses in the area have subsidence issues… not just the two facing the park that are being held up with metal beams :wink:

Is that a crack running straight up from the right hand side of the door frame?

Thats a lot for a house that size structural issues or not.

Thanks, Hopefully get a chance to check it out this week