6 Gainsborough Court, Malahide (-40k, -6%)

Was 675k


Now 635k


Here is another place which looks identical (but has decking) for 695k
3 Gainsborough Close

and another for 690k
11 Gainsborough Green

and next door at 680k
9 Gainsborough Green

and another for 680k
18 Gainsborough Court

and another for 700k
11 Gainsborough Court

and another for 675k
5 Gainsborough Court

and yet this one sale agreed in May at 750k???
1 Gainsborough Court

Gainsborough, I always thought he painted landscapes, I never knew he painted houses as well. :angry:

is it only me, or are the photos taken sloppy?
In Picture 7, the lamp is knocked over, and a hairdryer lying on the table,
in another there is a cuddly toy on a bed.

While not the worst examples, you think the EA could at least make an effort in taking photos, and selling the house.

This one is now 690k

In late '06, when a colleage sold his place in Gainsborough, there was nothing to be found for under 745-750. They sold for 750.

As of today, thre is nothing over 700, and the spread for the same size house is getting wider, from 695, down to 635.

Now 660k

Now 640k

Things are heating up in Gainsborough. Just yesterday we had the drop in the post above.

Now 3 Gainsborough Close is down to 620k


…and slowly melting down.

There are heaps of For Sale signs on this estate. Many have been on for well over a year now, having dropped the price several times. The sad thing is, if they’d asked their current price 12 months ago, they would have sold. The vendors don’t want to find the current clearing price and would rather hold out for the upturn that never comes.

65 Gainsborough Avenue now down under to €595k too, from €630.


They should pressure wash the driveway it looks awful. I sometimes wonder do people even have a clue how to sell a home.

Now 575k


delisted from daft, here it is from RTE property, maybe its sold!

I think this is the 3rd one now to go sub 600. this naturally causes a problem for the people with houses for sale that are over 600, and over 650 in many cases. Tough call, but thats the market

that’s myhome.ie:
myhome.ie/residential/searc … QAVA347482

65 Gainsborough Avenue now 545k
down from 650k (16% drop)

Still WAY overpriced…You could pay less and get a house within walking distance of Malahide village, train station, seafront etc. This type of estate will suffer more noticeably in the downturn…It was built at a time that people were happy to accept living on the outskirts of Malahide. Now people can afford to be more choosy and can buy for the right reason… location, location, location. To be in walking distance of the village is important, particularly for families with teenagers etc.
Why buy now when you will get it cheaper next year?