6 Glandore Avenue, Blackrock Road, Blackrock, Cork, asking price €340,000

6 Glandore Avenue, Blackrock Road, Blackrock, Cork, asking price €340,000
3 Bed, 3 Bath,168 m²,Terraced


A friend just put in an offer for €450K for this property. He just sold his home in Dublin. I wonder if his offer will be accepted @ €90k over the asking price or how much this property will sell for?

saw this recently and admired the finish, really nice. thought it was a bit lowly priced, but was bidding gone 90k over or did he high ball that offer? seems 450 would be around he top IMO.

Nice finish but no parking?

@ Corkfella Thanks for the feed back, The bidding was up to around 445 then, so he offered the 450. He has now pulled out he says the bidding had gone up to 470.He also said the top he would bid was also 450.

@ The Jackal, he said there was parking down the road? Also he was thinking about the wheelie bins and recycling and how would that work? He said Blackrock Cork is getting like Blackrock Dublin (Price wise). Great location but prices are rising fast.

Yes, I live nearby and prices have gone up 50K in last 18 months! Crazy

I hear this house was at 472K from a friend who’s friends pulled out then

yep its a very hot market, houses which are turnkey and in this case a high finish are golddust at the moment.

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Very true. I’d say 90% of 2nd hand homes in the Blackrock, Ballinlough, Ballintemple triagle are executor sales, requiring 50-100K or more.

Finding a house already done up, even if not to a high standard, goes for a premium

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Thanks for the info lads, that’s very interesting.

What’s with the higher property taxes in Cork even more than the capital city Dublin?

If this property sold for say €475-€480K property tax Cork = €919 per year

Same property value in Blackrock, Dublin = €855 per year



They went up for me for 2021 for the first time since I bought in Dec 2017.

Think it was a Cork city council decision. Each council are given leeway to charge a range of 10%+ or 10%- the official property tax rates per annum (might be 15%?) so Cork City must have gone for the higher option this year

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@ TheJackal That’s Disgraceful raising property taxes during a pandemic!

Update - Bidding is up to €502K so far.

cheers matrix, interesting. you would think thats very close to the top but you wouldn’t know!

Sale Agreed at 520K. Wow!

Wow, about 70k over what i would have thought the top would be even with this hot market. there are new listings coming on in Cork but practically no turnkey, guess this reflects this.

@ The Jackal how do you know it was sold at 520k? The website hasn’t gone sale agreed yet?

Friend was bidding and told me the outcome

Nice one thanks.