6 Grace Meadow terrace

Hi there,

Am new to this forum and am delighted it is available as it gives some great information. I am loking to buy a property in the drumcondra area. Saw this property but the asking price is crazy €575,000. They originally had it for €650k but dropped it few weeks ago. It is only 1000sqft and needs total gutting ie new windows, floors, kitchen, bathroom etc. It does have a large garden which is a plus and is a nice area.

What do you reckon the value of it would be and what kind of offer should be made, budget is low and considering all the work that has to be done i really think the price needs to at least half to be worth it. It looks like an executors sale too so the price should be negotiable

Any help greatly appreciated

Moved to Sell, Buy or Rent? as this isn’t about recording a price drop.

Locked because:

  • You haven’t provided evidence of the house price and the price drop you mentioned
  • I’ve checked google and google maps and can’t find the existence of a Grace Meadow Terrace in Drumcondra

Feel free to try posting this again but do try to post evidence of the house you are talking about