6 Granville Road, Blackrock (-1200k, -56%)

2004: Asking 1.5m (about 1.7m in today’s money)
irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 10462.html

[Edit - sold for 2.15m - see 3rd post below]

2010: Asking 1.35m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/363253

It was for auction in 2004 so probably went for considerably more - can’t find results with a quick search myself.

Don’t see it selling at the current price given the lack of buyers in this bracket however.

Found it…

independent.ie/unsorted/prop … 77843.html

6 Granville Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Guide €1,500,000, detached, 4 bed, on just under c.1 acre. Sold at €2,150,000.

Makes it an 800k drop not factoring in other factors.

Was 1.35m

Now 1.15m

514 per sq ft

Decent garden though if you don’t mind cutting the grass

So €1,000,000 or 47% below its Feb 2004 Price.
And who even knows if it will sell at that.

I don’t care how rich you are, thats gotta hurt !

That’s alot of gaff. Plenty of space for grow yer own…
Not that familiar with the area but I’m seeing much better price reductions out this direction than D6/D6W area.

Now 950k

Tax benefit?

What clown thinks it will fetch more in 2011 than now??

Anyone care to wager this still being on the market after December 31st?

In fairness though at 950k it makes a bit of a mockery this similar size house on a half an acre in Rathfarnham that needs a load of work and is offered at the same price.

And obviously no takers either. :-GC

back up to 1.15

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/363253

The myhome ad has always been 1.15m.

The daft one remains 950k (looks like it is a private sale as opposed to the myhome advert).

So how much is this house actually worth? I used to consider myself t’rrific at valuing property, was a closet property price genius. Now I would barely know how many digits would be in a realistic valuation of this… Who should I rely on, the estate agent?!

What kind of tax benefit could this be?

He probably has a capital gain that he wants to shelter. He may be looking to crystalise the capital loss on Granville to offset against the capital gain. If he doesn’t get it done this year he’ll have to pay full CGT on whatever capital gain he has in 2010. If he closes Granville in 2011 his capital loss can be offset against future capital gains but he might have none coming down the tracks.

I asked to look at this house 2 weeks ago and was told they couldn’t because it’s under negotiation. I’d say they are close to closing it before Y/E. We’ll know in Jan’ I guess.

This is flipping miles from Blackrock dart station and village!


I don’t know the area but Granville Road must be the longest road in Dublin. I had no idea Cabinteely and Blackrock had a border!

It’s amazing what is in Blackrock - Clonkeen Road I believe, the far side of the Deansgrange crossroads from Blackrock, is still Blackrock! That has to be more than an hour from Blackrock village if you’re walking…

Blackrock (from a postal perspective) goes from Baker’s Corner to near the Merrion Gates AFAIK. Of course there a multitude of parishes in that area hence there is quite a bit of name confusion but addresses like Monkstown, Blackrock; Booterstown, Blackrock; Deansgrange, Blackrock; seem to be the correct ones from the PO perspective.

Has disappeared from daft now - sold??